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Barcelona has officially announced the discovery of a new case of Corona virus among its nine players

The former international player and former Iraqi national team coach Nazem Shaker was transferred to a hospital

Real Madrid striker, Mariano Diaz, recovered from his infection with the Corona virus, but his recovery came late for the Champions League.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Qatar Football Association issued a warning to Xavi Hernandez, coach of Al-Sadd Club, and a fine of 10,000 riyals ($ 2,739), due to non-compliance with the health protocol laid down by the federation

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema revealed during a dialogue with his fans, many exciting things related to his football career.

The news of the injury of a Real Madrid player, with the new virus Coruna, came to scatter the cards of the team before the Champions League

Press reports revealed that Barcelona's Lionel Messi, his first star, has identified the coach who wants him to take over as coach of Kiki Sitten.

British press reports indicated that Rahim Sterling approached the signing of a new contract with the German company "Adidas", which produces sports goods.

Despite being the team's top scorer, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah failed to get any votes, while voting for the Premier League's Best Player award

Cristiano Ronaldo starred and led his team Juventus to regain victories and beat Lazio by scoring two goals.

Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri stressed that he is not afraid of his future with the "old lady" team,

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane considered that his team's victory in the Spanish first division football league, Thursday, is better than any of the three titles

Andre Shorle, the 2014 World Cup winner with Germany, made a shocking decision. On Friday, he announced his 29-year-old football retirement.

Former international star Sharar Haider revealed that he was threatened with liquidation by authorities

Conflicting information about the causes of the death of the Iraqi Olympic team goalkeeper, "Karrar Ibrahim", after his body was found in his car in the "Saadoun" area, central Baghdad.

A medical source in Karbala revealed that the former international player was injured

Lionel Messi has entered the Argentine national team and FC Barcelona

After Iraq recently lost the legendary football stars Ahmed Radi

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, announced today, Tuesday, the Ministry's agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the effects of the establishment of two memorials for the lost of Iraqi football, "Ahmed Radi" and "Ali Hadi"

The Spanish and international football giants Real Madrid and Barcelona expressed their condolences to the Iraqi people for the departure of the Iraqi soccer legend Ahmed Radi

Saad Al-Bazzaz responded to the call of former international player Nazem Shaker to build a statue

The head of the independent media group, Saad Al-Bazzaz, undertook to erect a monument for the late Iraqi football star Ahmed Radi in Baghdad, to be a witness of the great Iraqi achievements.

Anbar Governor Ali Farhan Al-Dulaimi announced the construction of a memorial to the late star Ahmed Radi, in completion of the Al-Bazzaz initiative.

The former Iraqi national team star, Ahmed Radhi, died in Baghdad

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein mourned the Iraqi star, Ahmed Radi, and he said in

The former Iraqi national team coach, Adnan Hamad, said on his Twitter account that the departure of the Iraqi star, Ahmed Radhi, is a pain for all

The three presidencies in Iraq mourned the Iraqi soccer star, Ahmed Radi, who passed away after suffering from infection with Corona virus.

Social media in black filled with the announcement in Baghdad of the departure of Iraqi football legend Ahmed Radi

Dozens of friends, football and sports stars gathered in front of Al Numan Hospital in Baghdad

The Sharqiya channel had a meeting with the late Iraqi football legend Ahmed Radi in the Hadith Hadith program in the presence of his daughter, Haya

The death of Iraqi and Arab football legend Ahmed Radhi was absent after he passed away on Sunday morning in Baghdad after suffering from the Corona virus.

Sources close to the captain of the Iraqi athletes announced the international player

In Baghdad, it was announced Friday that a prominent Iraqi soccer coach had died after being infected with the new Corona virus

The new Coronavirus continued to pursue Iraqi athletes

Sports infections continue in Iraq with the emerging coronavirus, after confirmation

The AS newspaper reported that the football season forced discontinuation, as a result of the Corona pandemic

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi has ruled out football as it was before

Iraqi soccer star and former soccer goalkeeper Nour Sabry responded to the prime minister's initiative

The Spanish Football Confederation and the Liga League have reached a new agreement

Egyptian international agent Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, commented on the news

Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Adnan Darjal revealed the launch of contingency plans to work in light of the financial crisis

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Adnan Darjal, addressed a message to the sports street

The English championships, Wimbledon, were canceled, the third major tennis tournament, which was due to start in late June

: The Japanese government postponed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to the summer of 2021 after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in most countries of the world

The FIFA has recommended all countries around the world cancel all matches during March and April

Hours after announcing the continuation of the league matches, the Premier League decided to stop the league competition until early April

The Spanish authorities decided to suspend the Spanish Football League for at least two weeks, after putting the entire Real Madrid team in quarantine due to the Corona virus.

After Juventus defender Daniele Rogani was confirmed infected with the new Corona virus, Italian press reports said Thursday that Juventus and Inter players had been quarantined.

Barcelona has signed Denmark striker Martin Braithwaite from Leganes

The Iraqi Football Association agreed to the terms set by former international star Adnan Darjal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic netted in the first game after returning to Milan to lead his team to a 2-0 win away from the stadium.

The American Football Association has announced the cancellation of a training camp it planned to hold in Qatar this month

The people of Basra Governorate, a well-known sports fan, were killed by gunmen, who were assassinated by gunmen

Coach Carlo Ancelotti enjoyed a triumphant start to his career with Everton after a 1-0 win at Burnley

FIFA has revealed the reason for choosing the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, the best player in the Club World Cup

The victory of the Iraqi team against Iran in the qualifiers of the Asian Cup and the world in conjunction with the protests in Baghdad

Gareth Bale is out of Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane

Sportsmen in Nineveh province held a solidarity stand with the victims of demonstrations and protests from the fallen demonstrators and security forces

Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Peter Chuck has proved he has nerves of steel

Milan - Serie A club AC Milan have announced their Serie A title

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Mohamed Salah's ankle injury is not minor

Police scored a deadly 2-0 win over Kuwait's Kuwait team on Monday night for the return leg of the Mohammed VI Champions League

Bribery topples former FIFA vice president forever

Salah excluded from the camp of the Egyptian team

Messi wins World Player of the Year award

الكشف عن المرشحين لخلافة زيدان

الكشف عن المرشحين لخلافة زيدان

رسمياً.. حسام البدري مديراً فنياً لمنتخب مصر

مقتل لاعب هولندي رميًا بالرصاص في أمستردام

برشلونة أول من يكسر حاجز المليار يورو

دولة جديدة تقترح استضافة مشتركة لمونديال 2030

وفاة لاعب دولي قبل ساعات من مباراة فريقه

قطر تطلق شعار كأس العالم 2022

بث مباريات تصفيات كأس العالم مجانا على اليوتيوب

ريال مدريد يستقبل خبرا سارا

ليفربول .. محمد صلاح للبيع من أجل نجمين

فالنسيا يحقق فوزه الاول على حساب مايوركا

قمة توتنهام وارسنال تنتهي باربعة اهداف