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WhatsApp has released two new updates for its app, enabling users

3 years ago the idea of ​​designing an autonomous Qatari vehicle

After discovering that there are some applications that contain a number of harmful links, which are hacking children

Researchers at Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore have developed a new system

After the global traffic giant Google achieved revenues

LG announced the launch of the world's first convertible screen TV

Finnish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Nokia said

Samsung has resorted to social media platforms for mockery of

Apple announced that its new "iPhone 12" phone will not contain

A Japanese computer that ran a simulation showed that humidity can

In a move that caused controversy on social media,

Facebook said on Tuesday that it is launching a policy

Switzerland has developed a unique delivery car,

The goal of Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX space company, is getting closer.

Google aims to convert the YouTube platform to share

Google revealed a number of changes it made to the email application

Samsung, Thursday, officially announced its latest smartphone (Galaxy F41).

Sony company fans of its devices returned to launch distinct and high-quality products

The American company "Apple" announced, on Tuesday, the date of its disclosure of its phone

Disclosure of a patent application for the US company "Apple"

The American magazine "Forbes" said, Sunday, that the iPhone 12 that

The new feature aims to help reduce annoying chats that will not stop

Google announced, during an activity it organized on the Internet, that it will release two versions

The German company Bosch announced that it has developed the fastest coronavirus detection test

Google announced the removal of applications from its online store, as they may cause penetration of smart phones and devices

The US military is currently working on testing a watch and a ring that can detect symptoms of disease before they appear

Reports revealed the US social media company Facebook endeavored to make its app

The social networking platform Twitter has launched a new test on a feature you want to put on its website

Apple announced, Tuesday, that some of its users are facing problems accessing certain services

The company "LG" unveiled its "Wing" smartphone as part of the "Explorer" project, which is equipped with two screens, and supports high technical specifications.

TikTok to file a lawsuit on Monday against US President Donald Trump's executive order

Three insiders said President Donald Trump only agreed to allow Microsoft to negotiate

Google announced the launch of new modules to monitor fake news and content

The Facebook platform has decided to close more than 200 accounts linked to spreading racism and hatred.

The social networking platform, photographer Instagram, said that it is a technical error

As a new step to help people communicate during the quarantine period

Police officers in many countries have begun to wear smart and smart helmets

Facebook started giving some users of its social network access to the new design

A Saudi inventor managed to create a smart glove that translates sign language into words and texts through a speaker and a screen

Facebook has launched a mental health awareness campaign with new tools

Britain supports a new technology project to stop the circulation of terrorist content on the Internet

WhatsApp will finally disappear from these phones by 2020