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Honor, which split from Huawei last year, launched its first smartphone overseas

Some websites interested in Internet news and recent software

In an unexpected surprise, a Chinese hacking team managed to hack the

An American company has launched a micro-electronic game that can

Britain has imposed a fine of 50.5 million pounds ($69.4 million) on Facebook

Some websites specialized in technical affairs have leaked a little information

American media reported that hackers were able, hours after former President

Former US President Donald Trump announces the launch of Truth Social

The British company "Royal Mint" plans to start the large-scale recycling of

The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, witnessed this morning suffocating traffic jams due to the closure of the Green Zone

Facebook plans to change its name to reflect its upcoming projects in creating

Facebook announced the creation of 10,000 job opportunities in the countries

Facebook plans to create 10,000 jobs in the European Union over the next

Apple introduced a distinctive system for the cameras in the iPhone 12

Nokia mobile phone company intends to re-launch its famous phone

Samsung recently revealed in China the W22 5G foldable phone, which

As part of a new update on bullying and harassment policies. The policy

Apple is studying new ways to turn its AirPods headphones into a healthy device

Several companies in the automotive world have begun to introduce

Some Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users again faced, on Friday,

Facebook apologized to users for a two-hour disruption to services on Friday

Nokia unveiled the new T20 device, which will compete strongly

The people in charge of the Snapchat application announced the launch

The American Kickstarter company revealed its latest

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied that the social media giant is promoting hate

Ukrainian police said on Monday they had arrested a 25-year-old man who hacked

Members of the US Congress criticized Facebook and accused its CEO

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are back online after an outage of nearly six hours

The Twitter platform witnessed a satirical campaign of malfunctions that

Motorola recently launched the Edge 20 Pro, which it provided with

The Facebook group of applications, including the popular photo-sharing

Microsoft recently announced the launch of a new test version of

Facebook announced the launch of the Reels short entertainment video

In addition to the wide range of phones unveiled this year, Nokia decided to expand

Amazon's new bot, Astro, doesn't cook food or clean the house, but it can check if you l

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said that more than

The "Tik Tok" network confirmed, on Monday, that the number of its active

"Google" has played a pivotal role in changing the way we communicate with

A new report stated that the "Apple" company is developing a new technology

Russian designers began designing a smart machine gun, as a light

The Russian company "Almas-Antai", the manufacturer of the S-400 and

Twitter announced Monday that it intends to pay $809.5 million to settle a lawsuit

The "Oppo" company has started providing its "K9 Pro" phone in the

A Senate committee plans to bring tech executives to the Capitol

Microsoft announced that all users can now log into their accounts "without

Apple officially announced the high-end part of the iPhone 13 lineup: iPhone

WhatsApp is developing a new feature in the iOS operating system, which will

"NASA" has tested a helicopter designed to be a flying taxi in the

Apple has issued a warning to iPhone owners regarding the possibility of damage

French magazine Le Point reported that a fully autonomous electric car, devoid of

Facebook and Ray-Ban are set to announce their collaboration on smart

A young man from New Jersey, USA, recently succeeded in making

For the first time, users of the "Tik Tok" platform spend more time

Twitter plans to test new privacy-related features aimed at giving users

The latest NASA space probe on Mars succeeded in collecting the first

The Irish Data Protection Authority imposed a fine of $266 million on WhatsApp

The Russian Institute of Thermal Physics will start at the end of this

Stealing a small thing in a pocket like a smartphone is easy compared to

Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be released on October 5th and will be the new operating system

The SpaceX company, which specializes in space exploration technologies

A technical analyst suggested that the new “iPhone 13” phone from Apple would be

Twitter has announced the introduction of Ticketed Spaces

Samsung launched its two new phones, "Galaxy Z", which can be folded vertically

Michio Imai greets a customer in a Tokyo cafe and prepares to place his

The Hyundai-owned Boston Dynamics Company has published

For the first time, the "Polios" Institute of the Russian state company "Rostec"

Data and personal information of about 38 million people, some of which

Sony has released a revised model of the PlayStation 5 gaming platform

Google recently revealed its latest model of Bluetooth headphones, Pixel

The American billionaire, Elon Musk, revealed Thursday that his company

Vivo announced its intention to launch a phone equipped with

Facebook and the photo service Instagram removed more than 20

A Huawei executive said that the Chinese technology giant will