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Facebook said it would again test an option that would allow users to hide their like counters to see if

The company announced "I-Space" to explore the moon

WhatsApp users have been warned about a security issue

A report published by the US website "Cyber ​​News" reported an incident

The US space research agency NASA revealed, Friday,

Facebook announced a new feature test, which helps

The American Wall Street Journal published a report

The "Facebook" platform announced a set of new tools

The US Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that the helicopter

On Monday, Google's YouTube announced the launch of an app

I mentioned sites interested in electronics and new technologies

Twelve years after his debut in 2009, he is

Researchers have developed a new early warning system for autonomous vehicles

A Chinese smartphone company has announced the new version

The robot "Sophia", her first piece of art, has transformed which

Scientists of the Russian Don Technical University invented a scanner

Announced the Media Office of the Future Research Foundation

The US space agency "NASA" announced the organization of the first operation

The sovereign investment fund "Mubadala" of the Government of Abu Dhabi announced,

A senior adviser to the former US president said

NASA space research agency, Thursday, completed the "hot fire" experiments.

In a new feature to protect those under the age of 18, the officials announced

Scientists in Singapore have created a way to communicate between humans

The American company "Apple" agreed to preload the programs

Google announced its intention to provide the special maps application

Most Samsung phone buyers probably don't know they can

China and Russia have agreed to build a research station

Apple released a new update for the iPhone and iPad devices

The factory "Alphabet X", owned by Google, is operating

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, of the company said

On Sunday, the Emirate of Dubai launched a project to use a fingerprint

Reports indicate that WhatsApp is increasing

On Friday, Twitter revealed its beta tests

US President Joe Biden congratulated the NASA team on Thursday.

The Ukrainian company Highland Systems introduced a unique armored vehicle

Microsoft warned, Tuesday, that a group of

The Twitter platform announced the opening of live voice chat rooms,

Twitter announced through a virtual event

The instant messaging application WhatsApp announced the launch of a privacy feature on Android phones

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company has

Qualcomm revealed some specifications for the glasses

Today, Thursday, the Australian Parliament passed a law that binds Google.

Twitter announced that it has deleted 373 linked accounts

Scientists working in the US Department of Defense tested the "Pentagon"