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Samsung has announced partnerships with auto manufacturers

Samsung announced that its future smartphones will not

The US President-elect, Joe Biden, tweeted from his account

The world was in a state of tension, after the founder of the application

Sony entered the field of drones with the introduction of its aircraft

On Wednesday, Twitter closed the account known as "Abu Ali."

YouTube blocked the account of US President Donald Trump from downloading

The company "General Motors" revealed at the electronics fair

Twitter announced Monday it had "permanently frozen" more than 70,000 people

The popular instant messaging app "Telegram" mocked him

The famous German car company launched Mercedes

Apple suspended the Parler app from its app store

A recent report revealed the ability of hackers to extract the exact location of users through a feature

When you open the WhatsApp instant communication application, you will find the phrase

The Japanese car manufacturer "Honda" promised

Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday night temporarily froze the accounts of outgoing US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning transactions on Tuesday

It is reported that Samsung has decided to disclose

The US company "Apple" has removed tens of thousands of applications

Apple has withdrawn the "Vybe Together" secret party app

Revealed leaks from sites specialized in technical news

The British Army bought 30 aircraft

Samsung recorded a decrease in sales of its phones

Advertise an instant messaging application

The dispute is no longer between the social media giant Facebook

Sweden decided to go ahead with building a 5G network

Apple is moving forward with a self-driving electric vehicle

US lawmakers intended to support a $ 1.9 billion project to replace

On Friday, the United States listed the largest manufacturing company

Dutch authorities confirmed the exposure of the US President’s account

A third lawsuit is expected to be filed against Google

Days after the Huawei "Uyghur Alarm" scandal, the company

Promising studies revealed that wearable devices,

The Israeli digital intelligence company, Celebrity, has announced its ability

South Korea's Samsung has released an app aimed at

As decided by "Google" and "Facebook", I told a company

In an effort to combat sexual harassment in Egypt

Media reports reported that the South Korean company Hyundai

Raised the US government and 48 prosecutors

Facebook affiliated WhatsApp announced the introduction of a feature

The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Black Lives Movement

A "Falcon 9" missile was launched on Sunday, loaded with a cargo ship

US company Google is preparing to launch 5 new features

Chinese Space Agency announced that the probe sent by 5 Changhe to the moon, ended the process of collecting samples from the surface area

The UAE announced, on Wednesday, the successful launch of the satellite "Eye of the Falcon"

The Italian competition authority imposed a fine

According to media reports, the Chinese company Huawei is planning

An Egyptian inventor is trying to test the ability of a robot to make

Nissan unveiled the 2021 sporty X-Terra

On Wednesday, the Chinese government expressed "serious concerns" about the

Researchers warned, on Tuesday, that two apps were developed by the tech company

Technology websites have reported leaks

A French company has finally put two satellites into orbit

Javier Sanchez, a former assistant service engineer developed

The US Army is soon preparing to operate stubborn robots

It is reported that Apple has started sending devices

YouTube has confirmed that it will not produce a retrieval video

China had announced the launch of the sixth generation research

Instagram has revealed a new design for the app, after a lapse

A recent study examined the harms and implications of using the phone in the dark

Google announced its intention to make changes to the mechanism of using the Google Photos application

The head of the Russian Artificial Intelligence and Technology Laboratory, Timur Sadikov, has warned against using the

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, has announced that it has gone to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Virgin Hyperloop said it has completed its first flight

In a move to combat bullying and insults via social media, he revealed

Air taxis could fill the skies over Orlando, state

Apple released version 14.2 of the operating system

Facebook's messaging service "WhatsApp" announced that it would enter

Apple intends to disclose new products

American scientists have built the largest wind simulator

American researchers were able to invent a smart phone application