Central Bank of Iraq: Printing banknotes is a routine procedure that is practiced in accordance with circulation

Baghdad-ALSharqiya March 29: The Central Bank of Iraq issued a clarification about the government lending process and printing the paper currency in addition to decisions regarding the withdrawal of the US dollar. An authorized source said in a statement that the printing of Iraqi banknotes is completely separate from the cash issuance process, in addition to the central bank law, no He is allowed to notify the government, whether by printing the currency or any other way, directly or indirectly, and he is entitled to deduction of treasury transfers, if they are present in the secondary trading market, as it is one of the monetary policy tools, if he deems it based on accurate objective data that serve the objectives of the policy Cash, clear The authorized source is that you cannot withdraw money from the central bank unless there are balances in its accounts that cover the amount to be withdrawn, indicating that the dinar is printed in accordance with the monetary policy, and not for any other purpose or purpose. The law of the central bank and monetary policy does not allow the issuance of cash to an account without a balance, He pointed out that when the Ministry of Finance wants to finance spending on different spending units and salaries, it requests the Central Bank to strengthen its account in naked dinars in exchange for withdrawing from its account in dollars, and no amount is deposited into the finance account in dinars unless there is a corresponding withdrawal from its dollar account. The central bank also decided that the withdrawal of the dollar to the customer if it is by 75%? Dollars and 25? One dinar, and it is calculated at the price of 1200 dollars. The central bank statement comes after conflicting information about the government's intention to print the paper currency in order to meet April salaries


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