Chicken flavored ice cream for tigers

Thailand-ALSHARQIYA  April  2 : Tigers at a Thai Zoo got a meal of chicken ice cream, as the temperature rose dramatically.
There are about 50 tigers living in the Tiger Kingdom Zoo in Chiang Mai, 700 kilometers north of Bangkok, said Bhatchara Chanted, coordinator of tiger care officials.
He added, "Tigers conserve their energy by lying down most of the day or by making the least effort possible, but if the weather becomes very hot, they begin to pant like cats and dogs to avoid exposure to heatstroke."

He continued: "We provide her with some activities in the water or a doll to help her with cooling," according to "Reuters".
According to Patchara, during the summer months, tigers are served a meal of chicken ice cream twice a day.
The hot weather season in Thailand began at the end of February, and temperatures are expected to reach 35 degrees Celsius.


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