Chiellini sets two conditions for a renewal with Juventus

London-ALsharqiya July 24: Giorgio Chiellini, the captain of Juventus, has set two conditions to extend his contract with the old lady, according to a press report. Chiellini's contract with Juventus, 36, expired at the end of last June, but there is a desire within the Bianconeri to keep him for at least another season, and according to the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus will start negotiations to renew Chiellini's contract soon. But the captain of the Italian national team, crowned with the Euro 2020 title, has two conditions for renewal, the first of which is that he receive a salary increase, and the second that he sign a two-year contract, to be able to participate in the 2022 World Cup. The newspaper indicated that Chiellini was thinking of retiring, after the completion of the Euro Championship. However, with his distinguished performance and his contribution to the coronation, he began to think of playing in the World Cup finals in Qatar. Chiellini's last salary from Juventus was 3.5 million euros, but he is expected to ask to raise it to 5 million euros, during the negotiations that will begin after his return from vacation.


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