Concern in Baghdad and the provinces due to repeated incidents of targeting activists

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  November 26: Anger and anticipation prevail in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, with the return of assassinations and liquidation campaigns targeting activists and protesters in the October uprising
Two prominent activists in the October protests were subjected to a failed assassination attempt after they were shot in the Talbiyah area, east of Baghdad.
Security sources said that gunmen shot the activist Akram Azab and his colleague Omar Farouk while they were inside a shop, which led to the activist being injured by a bullet. He was taken to Al-Kindi Hospital for treatment.


The new US administration headed by Joe Biden sent the first military message to Iran via

The IDF Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, instructed his forces to prepare operational plans

Iran said it reserves the right to respond to the IDF Chief of Staff's threats to direct