Conditional release "of the former Barcelona club president and his assistant

Spain-ALSHARQIYA  March 2: Former Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his assistant Jaume Masferer were released today, Tuesday, after a court hearing on the background of investigations into the Parsagite scandal related to an alleged campaign of defamation against prominent club figures and corruption.
The investigating judge released Bartomeu and Masverer after exercising their "right to refrain from speaking" and granted them "parole," but the investigation "is still open," according to a statement by the Barcelona Supreme Court.
The police arrested the president and his aide yesterday, Monday, after they raided the headquarters of the Catalan club "with the aim of searching for evidence related to an attempt to discredit some of the team's players through campaigns on social media."

The newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" reported that the police stormed the club's offices at the "Camp Nou", in order to search for evidence in that case.
The former club management headed by Bartomeu had previously faced allegations of its involvement in contracting with a Norwegian company, in order to discredit some of its opponents, including top stars in the club such as the team captain, Lionel Messi, Gerard Pique, and Jordi Alba.


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