Controversy over digging a road from Ishtar Gate to the Ziggurat

Britain-ALSHARQIYA July 28 : The British archaeologist "Richard Dumbriel" warned of a plan to destroy the antiquities of Babylon after the local authorities excavated roads inside the ancient city.

Dembriel said, in a post on his Facebook page, that the ancient city of Babylon has become more vulnerable to attack and destruction, especially after the decision of the Babylon Governorate Office to dig a road between the Ishtar Gate to the ziggurat, in addition to excavating approximately one kilometer of antiquities.

The British archaeologist, who enclosed his publication with pictures confirming his words, confirmed that the local authorities in Babylon did this act, causing the destruction of centuries of history, and that he informed UNESCO of this barbarism in dealing with the world heritage in order to take measures in the near future.


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