Corona infects more than 20 million people in the world

London-ALsharqiya August 13: The total number of people infected with the new Corona virus in the world has reached 20.2 million and has included 188 countries so far, according to Johns Hopkins University statistics.

The university stated in a statement that the virus has infected 20620847 people in the world with Covid-19 disease.

The increase in the number of injured during the last 24 hours was about 565,000.

 During the entire period of the epidemic, 749,358 people infected with the disease died, and more than 12.77 million people have recovered from it.

 The United States is still at the top in the list of injured numbers, with more than 5.19 million registered injuries, Brazil (more than 3.16 million) and in third place, India (more than 2.32 million).


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