Corona virus: a significant increase in the death toll in China after recording 254 new deaths

Hubei-ALSHARQIYA  February 14 : The number of deaths and cases caused by the Corona virus in China jumped dramatically after 254 deaths were recorded in one day in Hubei Province, in addition to 15,000 cases. After the authorities announced the new figures, the number of deaths reached at least 1367 people and 60 A thousand injured, while 3441 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovery, and the Hubei Provincial Health Committee confirmed - in its daily update - 14,840 new infections in this province in central China, which formed the focus from which the virus began spreading.


On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded 41 new cases of coronavirus

The Baghdad Operations Command denied canceling the exceptions set by the Diwaniyah Command 55 during the curfew in the capital

In Baghdad, sterilization and disinfectants reported for the third week a shortage in the markets, after the high demand for disinfection