Corona Virus: Real Madrid subject to quarantine and suspension of the Spanish League

  Spain-ALSHARQIYA  March 12 : The Spanish authorities decided to suspend the Spanish Football League for at least two weeks, after putting the entire Real Madrid team in quarantine due to the Corona virus. The decision came after it was confirmed that a player in the basketball team was injured in Real Madrid using the training equipment used by the football team, and the Spanish team closed its training complex in the sports city, and the Spanish Football Federation said it would "re-evaluate" the situation after the quarantine period ended for the clubs. Which recorded injuries, and any other emergencies and Real Madrid occupies the second position in the Spanish League, and he would face his opponent Eibar However, the team canceled all the dates and activities leading up to the match and the spread of the Corona virus, which turned into a global epidemic, caused a major disruption in sports appointments across the world.


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