Coronavirus infections in Iraq exceed the barrier of 64,000

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 8: In Iraq, due to corona exceeding the 64,000 barrier, 2426 new injuries were recorded, while deaths rose to 2,685 after 118 new cases were registered.

  Baghdad alone recorded 718 injuries, distributed as Al-Karkh 436, Al-Rusafa 241 and Medical City 41, followed by Salah al-Din with 426 injuries, while Babel and Sulaimaniya recorded 172 injuries each, Dhi Qar 162, and Erbil and Basra recorded 137 injuries each, Maysan 89 injuries, Karbala 75 Kirkuk 66 and Diyala 62, and injuries were distributed in the rest of the governorates between Diwaniya, 49 to 15 in Nineveh and Dohuk.


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