Court of Karkh Tamer to prevent the travel of former Minister of Electricity Luay Al-Khatib

Baghdad-Alsharqiya, August 13: Al-Karkh Court in Baghdad issued an order banning the travel of the former Minister of Electricity, Luay Al-Khatib, and another official in the Ministry, against the background of a complaint related to corruption and waste of public money.

 An official document of the Al-Karkh Investigation Court, which is concerned with integrity, revealed a decision to ban travel against the complainant, Luay Al-Khatib, the former Minister of Electricity, and Falah Al-Dulaimi, Director General of the Finance and Administration Department at the Ministry of Electricity, without disclosing any other details related to the complaint.

 To that, the Integrity Commission confirmed that its investigations have proven the existence of irregularities in the procedures for appointing 82 thousand and 555 daily wage earners in the Ministry of Electricity in contravention of the law and instructions, and without the need for their specializations, noting that those violations cost the state an amount of (43) billion dinars that was paid from the ministry’s expenses monthly.


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