Creativity necklace for creators who stand behind as a homeland died

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA May 13: Saad Al-Bazzaz decided to give the creativity necklace to the great creators who stand behind the great dramatic work "as a homeland died." He decided to grant her to the director of the drama "As Homeland Died" Samer Hekmat and the young author Mustafa Al-Rikabi  Al-Bazzaz said that this artist has the talent that made him inhabit the hearts of Iraqis for many years, then he rose to the top of Iraqi art in what he performed during the "Muzzatat Watan" program.


The footage showed that four gunmen carrying two motorcycles opened fire from meters away on al-Hashemi

Experts and analysts say that the Twitter platform of the martyr Hisham al-Hashemi is one of the most important security and intelligence references

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi condemned the assassination of strategic expert Hisham Al-Hashemi