Crocodile roaming a street in America and the police arrested him

Eastern United States, October 28: The Carolinas police arrested a crocodile that slipped from the barriers of his swimming pool into the street.
Carolina police used methods of petting the crocodile, as they walked with him quietly until he was released in a nearby pond.
This comes after Carolina police received a report of an intrusive crocodile roaming the streets after it managed to breach the safety net, according to the British newspaper "Daily Mail".
She stated that after several maneuvers, 4 American policemen were able to tame and restrain the 3-meter crocodile, and use a leash that police officers placed around his neck after he tried to enter a residential area.
The four American officers walked with the crocodile, who seemed to be surveying the place, until they reached the edge of a nearby pond, where they released him amicably, hoping that he would not try again.


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