Danger threatens to deprive humanity of bananas

India -ALSHARQIYA  April 14: Tropical Race 4 threatens banana cultivation in the world due to the highly contagious soil fungi that it spreads.
According to "TV Zvezda", a disease called "Tropical Race 4" began to spread actively in Asia and Australia in the twentieth century. And in 2019, it was detected for the first time in shipments of bananas in South America. Some farms have already been closed in Colombia and Honduras.
This disease is in no way susceptible to the influence of chemicals, so the polluted soil will be withdrawn over a period of at least 30 to 40 years.
The new disease mostly affects the "Cavendish" variety, which makes up 95% of the global banana trade, according to "Sputnik".
Experts stress that even a small portion of contaminated soil on a farmer's sole can spread infection. The disease is also transmitted rapidly between plants with the same genes.

Male banana palm flowers are sterile, while female flowers produce fruit without pollination. Experts note that Cavendish reproduces asexually through branches.
According to scientists, there is no such type of banana as fruiting in nature as the Cavendish variety.
Moreover, in many countries of Asia, Africa and America, this fruit is a very important product in the daily diet, and is on par with potatoes and rice.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations drew attention to the fact that, taking into account the world population, the increase in the food needs of the growing population in developing countries is the main reason for the increase in banana production.


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