Demands escalate in Iraq for a general amnesty

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, June 19: Demands and calls from political, popular and human rights activities in Iraq have escalated again in order to issue a general amnesty and the immediate release of innocent Iraqis imprisoned on malicious charges that have kept them from their families for several years. Iraqi politicians and human rights activists stressed that the demand for the legislation of a general amnesty law, or even when its legislation is completed, does not mean the release of those convicted of embezzlement of the people's money who have hoarded wealth from fake projects, licenses and contracts whose prices have inflated out of benefit from them at the expense of state resources, nor does the demand for legislation of the law mean an opportunity For some parties to work on exploiting it in the upcoming elections. While the voices calling for the release of the innocent are louder, political and popular circles have warned against the exploitation of the general amnesty law by parties aimed at removing their politicians accused or convicted of stealing public money and benefiting from the resources of the Iraqi state.


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