Dhi Qar demonstrations: cutting through the Sheikh Al-Shuyukh road to protest against the deterioration of services

Dhi Qar -ALSHARQIYA   July 9 : Protests renewed in the northern Rifai district, Dhi Qar, in protest at the deterioration of the reality of electricity and public services, and the failure to find solutions to the ongoing problems of more than 15 years.
Protesters held the local government in Dhi Qar responsible for poor services, especially with the domestic stone, due to the Corona epidemic, threatening to escalate the protests in the event of failure to provide quick solutions


Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the catastrophe that occurred in Lebanon today, represented by the huge explosion

The Lebanese government announced, on Tuesday evening, that 30 people had been killed and 3,000 injured

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi dismissed the director of Iraqi Airways, Ali Mohsen Hashem