Discounts in restaurants in Dubai for those who received the Corona vaccine

Dubai-ALSHARQIYA  January 25: Restaurants in Dubai decided to offer discounts to people who received Coronavirus vaccines, with the aim of encouraging residents to be vaccinated in a city seeking to limit the spread of the epidemic, but without closing its doors.
The UAE has vaccinated more than 2.3 million people so far, while Dubai last week had to reschedule the dates for the first dose of the Pfizer Bionic vaccine due to a global slowdown in vaccine delivery.
"Gates Hospitality", which operates several restaurants in Dubai, said it would offer a 10% discount to customers who received the first dose, and 20% for those who received the second dose, provided they present a document proving that they have taken the vaccine.

The UAE is seeking to vaccinate the largest proportion of its population of 10 million in a short period, and has authorized the use of vaccines from the Chinese Sinopharm, the American-German Pfizer Bionic and the Russian Sputnik.
Despite the increase in injuries, life seems normal in Dubai, where shopping centers, beaches and restaurants are crowded with visitors, in a city that received millions of foreign visitors, especially Europeans, during the weekend.
However, in the past week, the emirate has taken a series of measures, including increasing the distance in restaurants and stopping entertainment activities in hotels.
And on Monday, the authorities announced a phone application that provides customers with a "reporting service for any commercial establishment that does not adhere to the precautionary measures to combat Corona."

Tourism has always been the mainstay of the emirate, which received more than 16 million visitors in 2019. Before the epidemic disrupted global travel, the goal was to reach twenty million in 2020. Dubai reopened its doors to tourism last July.


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