Doctors extract knives, iron and plastic from the stomach of an ostrich

Turkey-ALSHARQIYA October 18: Doctors in the Turkish state of Diyarbakir extracted 40 bodies, which are plastic and nails, from the stomach of an ostrich through an operation after it was suspected of having swallowed a knife.
The Turkish national, Ugrak, came with his ostrich "Tigris" to the Veterinary College Hospital in Dijla, Diyarbakir, after he was suspected of swallowing a knife.
The exception, it turns out, turned out to be in 2004, forcing us to do the searches we did in 2004.
Ograk said, in a statement passionate about raising birds such as pigeons, sparrows and ostriches, in his hometown of Sirnak state in the south of the country.
He pointed out that his neighbors warned him that a knife fell among the herbs on which the ostrich "Tigris" feeds.
When: “I felt a later postpartum ostrich swallow the knife, and I brought her to Diyarbakir from Şırnak, where they performed an operation on her, and extracted from her stomach 40 bodies, a sunken image of a knife.
For his part, Professor Sadiq Yayla said that a medical team performed the operation on the ostrich, and extracted metals of different sizes from its stomach, as well as plastic, nails and knives.


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