DONALD TRUMP: I'll be back in one way or another to lead the White House

Washington -ALSHARQIYA   January 20: US President Donald Trump reiterated his assertion that he is returning to the position of President of the United States in one way or another, indicating that he will continue to fight for the Americans and confirm the achievements of his administration during the past four years, adding in a speech to him from Andrews base before He headed to Florida that his administration left the ball in the court of the new administration, which got a wonderful work basis from the previous administration.
And the outgoing US President Donald Trump left the White House with his family, accompanied by his aides, after he decided not to attend the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump said in his last speech that he wished his farewell to the White House would not be long, recalling his previous statement in which he promised his supporters to return to the presidency of the United States soon.
Two helicopters took Trump from the backyard of the White House with his family and aides, who carried with them a number of black bags that appeared to be packed with documents during their departure.


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