Egypt defeats Australia and sets a date with Brazil

Tokyo-ALSHARQIYA  July 28: The Egyptian national team won the qualification for the quarter-finals of the football competitions, in the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020), by defeating Australia (2-0), today, Wednesday, at the end of the third group matches.

 The goal of the Pharaohs advanced, in the 45th minute, and Ammar Hamdi scored the goal of reassurance in the 85th minute.

Egypt raised its score to 4 points, in second place in the group, ahead of Argentina, who tied with Spain (1-1), while Australia finished the group with 3 points.

The Pharaohs set a date with Brazil in the quarter-finals, while Spain will play Côte d'Ivoire, after they topped the group with 5 points.

From the beginning, the Egyptian national team adopted the method of intense offensive pressure, and Salah Mohsen hit the crossbar, and Taher missed a dangerous opportunity from a cross he received, but he did not hit the goal.

A new attempt by Salah Mohsen was lost over the crossbar, before Akram Tawfik received the yellow card for the roughness.

The Egyptian team ended its scoring fast in the 45th minute, after a quick attack that began with a pass from Taher to Ramadan Sobhi, who dribbled brilliantly and passed to Ahmed Rayan, to hit the latter in the goal.

An Australian attempt was lost at the beginning of the second half, with an Egyptian defensive confusion.

Al-Shennawi kept a shot from Tilio, before Ramadan Sobhi missed a dangerous opportunity, after a pass from Rayan, as he tried to dodge the goalkeeper, but failed to do so.

The crossbar received a dangerous shot from the substitute Ammar Hamdi, and Ramadan followed it with a header over the goal.

Al-Shennawy starred in clearing dangerous crosses for Australia, then a powerful shot from Arzani, before he managed to tackle a difficult header around the goal, ably.

The Egyptian team scored the second goal in the 85th minute, after a quick counter-attack led by substitute Nasser Mansi brilliantly, as he dribbled and fired a ball that rebounded from the goalkeeper to Ammar Hamdi, who deposited it in the goal.

Ibrahim Adel directed a shot that turned into a corner, before Ammar received a warning for the roughness, then Al-Shennawi sent a powerful shot into the narrow corner, to end the meeting with a precious victory for the Pharaohs (2-0).


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