Egyptian director: Mohamed Ramadan, best suited to embody Ahmed Zaki's character

Cairo-ALSHARQIYA  July 1 : The famous Egyptian director, Enas El-Deghaidy, stated the intention of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to embody the personality of Ahmed Zaki that Mohamed Ramadan is very close and likened to Ahmed Zaki, which is best suited to embody his life. As she said among everyone I see that Mohamed Ramadan is the closest From a formal and environmental standpoint, Ahmed Zaki is also very close to everything. She added: I see that Mohamed Ramadan is a very good actor, and he is good at reincarnating the character well, so reincarnation of characters is difficult and not easy. Muhammad Ramadan had decided to run the next dramatic Ramadan race, by embodying the biography of the artist Ahmed Zaki, in the name of the emperor in a series written by Basheer Al-Deek.


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