Elderly American lost during Hurricane Ida was found in the stomach of an alligator

United States-ALSHARQIYA  September 26: Press reports in the United States said that an American man was missing, late last month, in the midst of a hurricane that struck Louisiana, and then it was confirmed that a crocodile had already devoured him.

According to the Mirror newspaper, the late Timothy Satterley, 71, was last seen on the 30th of last August, while he was inspecting the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida in the garden of the house.

The victim's wife, named Veter, said that she saw a giant crocodile attacking the husband in the garden, so he devoured and grabbed his arm.

She added in her statements to the police, that the husband was bleeding heavily, and started screaming, and asked her to take a boat and go to seek help, but the predator quickly disappeared in the water and pulled the body.

After two weeks of investigations, a crocodile, up to 3.6 meters long, and weighing 225 kilograms, was caught and killed.

After conducting a number of examinations and tests, it was confirmed that there were remains of the late man in the stomach of the crocodile.

The authorities relied on DNA tests, and compared the remains found in the crocodile's stomach, with the DNA extracted from the sons of the late.

Hurricane Ida is one of the most severe and worst hurricanes to hit the US Gulf Coast, leaving huge material losses.

 The house of the late is located close to a place where tourists come to see crocodiles, which usually do not attack humans unless food is not found.

And when hurricanes and disasters occur, crocodiles find themselves in a food crisis, and this prompts them to attack humans if they encounter it.


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