Elon Musk's company announces ability to "build a dinosaur park"

  United States-ALSHARQIYA  April 9: Ambitions are very high, expressed by the director of one of the companies of the famous businessman Elon Musk, that it is possible to bring dinosaurs to life again.
Max Hudak, co-founder of Musk's Neuralink, tweeted, “Maybe we can build a Jurassic park if we want to.”
"It's not going to be genetically pure dinosaurs, but. Maybe 15 years of breeding alongside (genetic) engineering is enough to get new super-strange species," Hodak added.
Hodak's reference in his tweet with "we" was ambiguous, so does he mean the company "Neuralink", or does he mean the ability of humanity in general to reach this goal.

In this, a report by "CNET" said that, in any case, it is almost impossible to bring a dead dinosaur back to life, and even if that is possible, the matter will be full of difficulties. "
In the beginning, we will need DNA samples from dinosaurs, the report added, but the matter will be different from the movie "Jurassic Park."
The report pointed out that unlike in the movie, where DNA samples were taken from preserved mosquitoes and incorporated into the DNA of frogs, the matter is actually different.
However, there may be more reasonable targets for reviving dinosaurs, like the extinct mammoth, where we can pull this creature's DNA and transplant it into a modern elephant.

It is noteworthy that the emerging company, "Neuralink", which specializes in neuroscience, revealed last year, that a pig had been implanted in its brain a computer chip the size of a coin.
From behind this step, the company aspires to treat human diseases by planting the same type of slides.
Neuralink, which Musk co-founded in 2016 and based in San Francisco, aims to implant wireless connections between the brain and the computer with thousands of electrodes in the most complex human organ to help treat neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia and spinal cord injuries.


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