Facebook expands ... the company promises a new design

New York-ALsharqiya, January 11: Facebook started giving some users of its social network access to the new design for the desktop version of the network that was announced during the F8 developer conference last April. Do you have aging spots on your skin? This simple trick can help you reduce it in a short time! In detail, the new design is more organized, uses clearer icons, and Facebook says it plans to launch it more widely before the spring of 2020. However, the company is now beginning to give a small percentage of users access to the new design especially for those who log on to the network For the first time, a popup invitation appears to try the new design in the name of the new Facebook. And if the user agrees, Facebook will allow him to choose between using white backgrounds and bright colors, or a dark background similar to the feature (dark mode) that has become provided by many services, applications The other. The new design comes as Facebook - which has the largest social network in the world with about 2.5 billion monthly active users - tries to overcome a number of problems it has faced in recent years, including: Privacy. It is noteworthy that Facebook gives users who agree to try the new design the possibility of reverting to the old design, and they can also express their opinions on the new design, including reporting problems they encounter in the design.


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