Facebook Messenger has become the default messaging app

London-Alsharqiya September 27: Reports revealed the efforts of the American company, Facebook for social networking, to make its Messenger application the default messaging application on iPhones.

For years, Facebook has been trying to persuade Apple to replace the default messaging application on its devices with the Facebook Messenger application, and now Facebook has become more insistent about its request after the iOS 14 operating system has become for users to select an Internet browser and alternative email applications.

 "We feel that people should be able to choose different messaging apps and default apps on their phones," Facebook Vice President Stan Chudnovsky told The Information. In general, everything moves in this direction anyway.

It is noteworthy that the Android mobile operating system already allows users to choose their favorite messaging application, but unfortunately, Apple may not give its users this option, and its Apple Messages application is still one of the reasons for the demand for buying its phones, because it works with the encrypted messaging system. Which makes her boast about her privacy practices.

Indgadget believes that not allowing users to choose their default messaging application could add to the argument that Apple practices monopolistic behaviors, pointing out that the American technology giant is facing increasing criticism about the fees it imposes on its app store, which has made it multiple anti-trust investigations.


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