Fashion innovations 2021 at Milan Fashion Week

Milan-Oriental September 25: The Italian city of Milan witnessed several events during Fashion Week, as the Alberta Ferretti Group presented, for Spring and Summer 2021, many innovations in fashion that impressed those who watched its show.
And the international news agency "Reuters" published pictures of the Alberta Ferretti group, which was distinguished by its beauty, simplicity and wonderful colors.
Despite the general situation in Italy's cities since the spread of the Corona virus, and the country has been closed since last March, some cities, including Milan, were able to gradually return to life, and today they are inaugurating their fashion week for the Spring and Summer 2021 fashion.

The Italian National Chamber of Fashion decided to start the activities of the "Milan Fashion Week", which will last for 6 days from the 23rd to the 28th of September. This week's activities include 64 shows: 39 of them are for women's fashion, 4 are for men's fashion, and 19 will be shared between women's and men's fashion. With 23 of these offers being submitted directly and 41 of them by default.
The activities of the Milan Fashion Week arrangements indicate that it will also include the presentation of 43 groups of designs: 25 of them are open to the public and 24 of them are virtual, in addition to the presentation of 12 groups that depend on receiving attendees on time in compliance with the rules of social separation.


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