Forbes magazine: Any damage to American planes costs millions

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 10: The American magazine Forbes warned of the danger of booby-trapped drone attacks in Iraq and said that a single strike on a helicopter cost 50 million dollars, or a jet plane worth 100 million dollars, or even a “Reaper” drone worth 12 million dollars All accounts can be changed

The American magazine stated in a report that the early warning system (Space Force) located in bases hosting American forces in Iraq is unable to give advance warning of the drone attack, as it is invisible to these systems, unlike the missile, which is easily detected by infrared sensors. And via satellite

The American magazine says that while a cheap drone can be shot down with a $3 million Patriot missile, the defenders are likely to run out of missiles first and therefore each drone costs the defenders much more than it does, which puts more pressure on the coalition forces. And it increases the cost of keeping forces in the theater of operations


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