France returns the "stolen painting" to a Jewish family

France-ALSHARQIYA   March 16: The French government announced that it intends to return a painting by Gustave Klimt, which was stolen by the Nazis more than 80 years ago from a Jewish family in Austria in 1938.
A 1905 color oil painting by the Austrian artist, "Rose Branches Under the Trees", has been hanging in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris for decades.
"The decision to reopen an important work reflects our commitment to the responsibility of justice," said French Culture Minister Roselyn Bachelot at a press conference in Paris.
The oil painting will be returned to the family of Nora Stiasny, a Holocaust victim whose painting was looted during a forced sale in August 1938.

She added that the authorities of her country did not know that the painting was stolen by the Nazis, and only recently learned that after investigations supervised by the French government.
"It is only in recent years that the true origin of the painting has been established. It is the only Gustave Klimt painting owned by France," she said.
She indicated that the painting "is a witness to a life that a criminal will constantly sought to eliminate."


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