Giant rats invade British homes through toilets

Britain-ALSHARQIYA September 27: The pest control unit in Britain revealed that giant rats are invading British homes, through sewage pipes, down to toilets.
Andrew Delbridge, of Ace Best Control, warned the British that rats, which are "the size of cats", have become more courageous after the Corona closures, according to the newspaper, "The Sun".
During the epidemic, the rodents turned to residential homes, having had to search for other food sources when restaurants closed.
"The rats used to live around us, but now they're getting to places they wouldn't have tried before," Delbridge told the local Norwich Evening News.
A father seemed angry and said his children were sobbing, and too afraid to go outside, because their garden was full of rats the size of cats.
Wajid Hussain, 36, said he is at a "critical point", as his family is suffering from huge rats infested in the garden of his home in Alumrock, Birmingham.
He added that his wife, Zara, refused to go to the garden and could not hang up the laundry due to rodents infesting her yard.
His 10-year-old daughter with autism screams and cries at the constant noise of huge rats in the garden.
Despite his pleas to the council, Wajid says nothing was done about the rats, who were so big that they "look like they were working out in a gym".


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