Goalkeeper Chuck shines in a new sport at the age of 37

LONDON-ALSHARQIYA Oct 14: Former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper Peter Chuck has proved he has nerves of steel no matter where he plays after saving twice in a penalty shootout in his first game after turning to ice hockey to help Guildford Phoenix. Fourth British win over Swindon Wildcats. The 37-year-old, who has played more than 600 Premier League appearances for Chelsea and Arsenal, dropped his career at the end of last season but recently announced he was joining Phoenix to join him in his spare time. Chuck, currently a Chelsea technical advisor, was named man of the match on Sunday after his brilliance and said he was happy to be cool in the penalty shootout. "I was amazed by the calm," added Chuck, who made his last appearance in the UEFA Europa League final in May. I did not expect what was waiting for me and so I was very pleased with the way my body reacted to the game and suspect an ice hockey lover from a young age and practiced it before switching to football. Chk wore the 39th jersey after former giant Dominic Hachek, who played in the North American ice hockey tournament for 16 seasons and helped the Czech Republic win the Olympic gold medal in 1998. Chuck said it was my childhood dream to play even one ice hockey match. "When you dream of anything, you have to do everything you can to achieve it." I did this in football and achieved all my dreams


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