Good news for the Spanish league lovers

Madrid-ALsharqiya May 20: The Spanish Football Federation and the La Liga Association have reached a new agreement regarding the return of the league competition again next June. The newspaper "Spanish Ace" confirmed that the federation and the League reached an agreement after years of differences between them, as Rubiales and Javier Tipas settled the timetable for the resumption of the Spanish League championship next June. The newspaper pointed out that the Spanish league matches will be played on all days of the week, including Monday, with a margin of rest of 72 hours for each team. The agreement will be announced, as soon as Judge Andres Sanchez Magro, one of the most experienced football judges, signs it. Rubiales previously opposed the idea of ​​playing on Monday because it is a day that does not benefit the fans, but he changed his mind because conditions changed, especially with the matches being held behind closed doors due to the Corona virus. According to this schedule, La Liga aims to end the tournament before July 29, to inform the European Union of the clubs participating in the continental competitions on August 2.


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