Google provides a free application for video calls

Dubai-ALsharqiya May 20: As a new step to help people communicate during the imposed quarantine period to prevent an outbreak of corona infection, Google decided to make one of its most popular video calling apps free to users. And Google indicated that all who have an official account affiliated with it on the Internet can now benefit from the services of the Google Meet application for free. According to the information available, the services of the said application will provide the possibility of communication via video technology for an unlimited period for users for free until next September, and from the beginning of September the time for free communication will be 60 minutes. And many sites concerned with Internet and Information Technology affairs indicate that this move by Google would increase Google Mate's competition for the Zoom application, which is one of the most used video calling applications today. Google is working in the recent period to test many features that would improve the quality of use of this application and attract the largest number of users to it, as it began testing a feature to isolate external noise during its use, and is testing other features that will facilitate the exchange of data through it during electronic meetings that Hold via video technology.


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