Guinness celebrates the oldest perennial turtle in the world

London-ALSHARQIYA   March  26 : The Guinness Book of Records celebrated the world's oldest long-lived turtle, with an age of 188 years.
The Guinness page, on Facebook, published pictures of the turtle named Jonathan, which is the record holder for the largest wild animal alive in the encyclopedia.
And Guinness said - in a publication to her - that Jonathan, "the 188-year-old giant Seychelles turtle, holds the record for the oldest living land animal."
She added that the turtle Jonathan "lives on the remote island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. It was brought from Seychelles in 1882, and it is believed that it was born in 1832."

According to the Guinness World Records website, Jonathan lived through World War I and II, and the Russian Revolution, as well as 7 kings on the British throne and 40 presidents of the United States of America.


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