Gunmen open fire on the house of a director at the border crossings

Basra-ALSHARQIYA January 16: Gunmen opened fire on the house of a civilian in an organization affiliated with the border crossings in Basra Governorate
 And a video clip filmed by the cameras showed gunmen on a motorbike shooting at the house of the director of the ports of the Rabat Division of the Border Ports Authority in the Al-Twaisa area of ​​Basra Governorate
 No injuries were confirmed in the attack, and no statement was issued about the incident by the relevant authorities.


Violent clashes erupted between joint Iraqi forces and ISIS elements

A military operation was launched this morning, Wednesday, by joint Iraqi forces between the governorates of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk

Rocket strikes this morning targeted the Ain Al-Asad base, which includes the forces of the international coalition