Hajj Hammoud: Internal disintegration is a weakness of the Iraqi negotiator

Baghdad-ALsharqiya July 25: The Dean of Iraqi Diplomacy, Muhammad Al-Haj Hammoud, revealed to the Game of Chairs program the scenes of the tours that Iraq took with the United States as part of the strategic dialogue. Hajj Hammoud confirmed that the disintegration of the Iraqi interior represented a weak point for the Iraqi negotiator over the previous three rounds of the strategic dialogue, stressing that the language of reality confirms Iraq's need for limited foreign forces in order to confront the dangers surrounding it. Dean of Iraqi diplomacy, Muhammad Al-Hajj Hammoud, stressed in the game of chairs that Iraq will remain an eternal arena for the US-Iranian conflict unless the internal political division ends and the Iraqi arena is cleaned of all tools of the regional conflict. Other destinations are not suitable to work as a junior employee in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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