He bought a biscuit and won thousands of dollars

 Carolina-ALSHARQIYA   March 9: Serendipity led a North Carolina man recently to win a massive $ 250,000 lottery prize.
The lucky owner is Kevin Vaughn, who said he and his colleague were on their way to work when they accidentally drove the other way, drove them to a small restaurant in Sunville, and they stopped to eat.
Kevin asked for a biscuit, and while he was at the venue, he bought two lottery tickets, each valued at $ 5, to get an instant prize of $ 10.
According to UBI news agency, Kevin bought with $ 10 two lottery tickets again while eating the biscuit, only to discover that he had won $ 250,000 after scratching one of the cards.

And Kevin considered himself lucky to win this big prize money that will help him pay his bills and find a bigger home for his family, according to his statements.
The $ 250,000 winner described the biscuit he ate as the most delicious of his life, calling it "the good luck biscuit."


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