Heads of parliamentary blocs are looking to settle the election law

Baghdad-Al-Sharqiya, September 23: Heads and representatives of political blocs in Iraq are holding consultations in the last hours to come up with a decisive position on the multiple departments in the election law, ahead of the next Saturday session that Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi designated for the final completion of the law.
Parliamentary sources stated that representatives of the blocs are continuing their meetings to discuss their options in the election law before they inform their counterparts in the other blocs within the next 72 hours, at a time when the issue of middle constituencies is still on the table as one of the strong options.

While the representatives of the blocs are discussing limiting the number of middle districts to three to five or five to seven departments in each governorate, popular calls are escalating not to circumvent the October uprising, which demanded the adoption of multiple electoral districts, not the middle ones, as the people's choice that guarantees their true representation.


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