Honor launches its first phone with Google services

China-ALSHARQIYA October 27: Honor, which split from Huawei last year, launched its first smartphone overseas since it became an independent company, with access to Google services and Qualcomm chipsets.
The $614 Honor 50 will be launched in 40 markets worldwide and represents a major step for the former Huawei brand as it looks to regain market share around the world.
Honor was Huawei's budget smartphone brand. It was sold in December to a consortium of buyers, including the Shenzhen Municipal Government-backed fund
Huawei was hit by US sanctions in 2019 and 2020 that cut off its access to key technology including Google's Android operating system and related apps as well as critical chips from Qualcomm, crippling Huawei's smartphone business.
Honor is not currently subject to US sanctions, and its latest devices run on the Android system, are supported by Google services, and work on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip, and the Honor 50 also has 4 cameras on the back and a 6.57-inch screen.
Honor has regained some market share in China, with a 15% market share in China, making it the country's third-largest smartphone operator — the first time it has held that ranking in a year, according to Counterpoint Research.
Globally, its market share was 3.7% in August, up from 1.5% in February, but this is mainly due to gains in China.


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