Honoring the legend: Al-Bazzaz responds to the call to construct a monument for the star Ahmed Radi

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   June 22 : The head of the independent media group, Saad Al-Bazzaz, undertook to erect a monument for the late Iraqi football star Ahmed Radi in Baghdad, to be a witness of the great Iraqi achievements. Al-Bazzaz responded to the call of the Iraqi coach, Nazem Shaker, to build a statue of the Iraqi soccer legend, the late star Ahmed Radhi. The sports initiative, I promised a specific precedent to honor and perpetuate the great efforts   The death of the Iraqi and Arab legend Ahmed Radhi was absent after he passed away in Baghdad after suffering from Corona virus before joining the plane that was intended to transport him to the Jordanian capital Amman for treatment Leaving a rich Korean legacy of accomplishments and successes that filled the hearts of Iraqis for joy for many years at the local, Arab and international levels 



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