Human Rights: The law is a punishment for freedom of opinion in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   November 26: Human Rights Watch warned that the "Information Crimes" law that the Iraqi parliament intends to legislate contains vague provisions that allow the authorities to punish any opinion they deem threatening government, social, or religious interests, describing that bill as stifling freedom of expression.
Belkis Wali, a researcher in the Crisis and Conflict Division at Human Rights, said this law undermines the already narrow space for freedom of expression in Iraq and gives the authorities another tool to suppress dissent.

The main means that journalists, activists and the general public rely on to obtain information is the Internet .. Human Rights Watch emphasized that this project lacks precision and that many of its articles criminalize the use of computers in connection with a wide range of loosely defined activities and that many of them are unorganized and without Any specific criteria for what would constitute a crime


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