IPhone 12 will only be sold by shipper in one country

United States -ALSHARQIYA  October 16 : Apple announced that its new "iPhone 12" phone would not contain "AirPods" or a power charger, but it excluded a single country in the world.
 According to the Clint website, the iPhone 12 cases that shipped to France contain headphones in the box.
It seems that the exception that France has enjoyed is due to a law stipulating that smartphones be sold with headphones or headphones, in order to protect children aged 14 years or less from electromagnetic radiation, and in the event of non-compliance with this, a fine of $ 87,000 will be imposed on sellers.

Apple had announced earlier that shipping the iPhone without "AirPods" reduces carbon emissions and electronic waste, which contributes to preserving the environment, a decision met by critics to accuse the company of cultivating the environment in order to increase its profits.


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