Iraqi Hoda Kattan tops the Forbes 2020 list of the richest businesswomen in the Middle East

London-ALsharqiya August 3: Forbes Middle East launched its second annual edition of a list of women entrepreneurs who managed to maintain their successful institutions, challenge obstacles, and keep pace with emergency developments.

Hoda Kattan, an American of Iraqi origins, topped the list this year with her brand Huda Beauty, which had the support of more than 46 million followers on the Instagram platform and estimated her wealth last year by about 610 million dollars.

The fashion and fashion sector represented 42% of the list, with 17 businesswomen and the jewelery sector ranked second, with 9 brands led by women from the region.

The magazine launched this year the list of businesswomen, which includes the top 10 women in the most successful successful brands dependent on technology in the Middle East and we succeeded in collecting investments and financing millions of dollars from investors


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