Iraqi Oil Minister: commitment rate reached 102%

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  September  18 : The Iraqi Ministry of Oil announced the keenness of the producing countries from within the "OPEC Plus" group to abide by the agreement to reduce production and work to achieve the goal of stability and balance in the global oil markets, in order to reach the planned goals in light of the challenges due to the spread of Corona virus.
 After the conclusion of the twenty-second meeting of the Ministerial Committee for Production Control, the Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, said that the committee welcomed the commitment of OPEC producing countries and those allied with it, including Mexico, to the agreement to reduce production, as the percentage of commitment for the last month, according to independent secondary sources, reached 102% This is a good percentage that positively affects the reality of the oil market.

He pointed out that the meeting affirmed full commitment to the agreement according to the announced rates, as well as compensation for the unreduced quantities for the past period


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