Iraq's injuries with Corona rise to more than 168 thousand

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  August 14: Iraq today recorded an unprecedented rate of infections with the Corona virus, as the positive numbers reached 4,013, bringing the total to 168,290
 The injuries were distributed according to the epidemiological situation of the Ministry of Health as follows: Baghdad ranked first with 831, Najaf recorded 222, Sulaymaniyah 173, Erbil 411, Dohuk 83, Karbala 257, Kirkuk 235, Diyala 108, Wasit 252, Basra 357, Maysan 170 Babil 245, Diwaniyah 116 Dhi Qar 205, Anbar 89, Muthanna 79 Nineveh 106, Salah al-Din 74
 The number of deaths in Iraq reached 68, bringing the number of deaths from the Corona virus to 5709


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A fire broke out in Al-Maghayiz market in Al-Ashar district, central Basra governorate

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, expressed his optimism that a final agreement would be reached with the federal government