Jamil al-Shammari's travel is banned for his involvement in the killing of protesters

Nasiriyah - ALsharqiya, September 19: The competent judicial authorities in the Supreme Committee for Combating Corruption and Major Crimes issued a decision to prevent the former head of the security committee in Dhi Qar, Lieutenant General Jamil Al-Shammari, hours after the protesters of Al-Haboubi Square and the families of the martyrs re-opened the Zeitoun Bridge in Nasiriya.

 The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stated that a warrant was issued to prevent Al-Shammari from traveling after accusations indicating his involvement in killing a number of demonstrators and giving orders to open fire on them during the demonstrations in which dozens of martyrs and wounded were killed near Al-Zaitoun Bridge in Nasiriyah.

The decision to prevent Al-Shammari comes less than a week after he obtained the approval of the General Command of the Armed Forces to travel outside Iraq for the purposes of treatment before the approval was canceled and he was banned from traveling.


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