Japanese girl did not cut her hair in 15 years

 Japan -ALSHARQIYA   March 10: Media circulated news that a Japanese girl, calling herself "Japanese Rapunzel", has not cut her hair for 15 years at all.
According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the girl Rain Camby, whose hair touches the ground, considers it a "weapon" for self-expression.
Camby did not cut her hair since she was 20 years old, when she began pursuing her dreams to become an artist, reaching a length of one meter and 90 cm.
Camby explained that she takes care of her hair using a scalp cream made of saffron, and monitors the amount of iron she gets in food to help her grow her hair.
Natural poetry leads to the ultimate in self-expression, Campi says, adding: "I am very pleased when people are in awe when they see the Rapunzel show I'm performing."


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