Joe Biden: The US economy has made significant progress in the past six months

Washington-ALSHARQIYA   July  20 : US President Joe Biden said on Monday that the United States is the only country that has achieved greater growth rates than it was before the Corona pandemic.

During his speech, Biden said that the US economy has made significant progress over the past six months.

Biden presented a picture of the economic recovery in the United States, and said: "We achieved record growth, record new job opportunities, and an increase in employee salaries despite the Corona pandemic."

Biden revealed in the context that more than 3 million new jobs have been created since he became president, and that the new aid that the tax services began to provide would save some families.

He added that the economic strategy will enhance investment and open the way for creating more job opportunities, while expressing his desire to reconsider the tax system.

Biden had warned in a speech on the night of Independence Day, on the fourth of July, that the Covid-19 epidemic "has not been defeated", at a time when fears are rising about the delta mutated, which is spreading in a number of countries, including Russia, threatening to spark a new wave of infections.

Biden called on his citizens to receive the vaccination, calling it "the most patriotic thing ever."


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