Juventus and Inter players enter quarantine after Rojani is confirmed to be infected with the Coruna virus

  Italy-ALSHARQIYA  March 12 : After Juventus defender Daniele Rogani was confirmed infected with the new Corona virus, Italian press reports said today, Thursday, that the Juventus and Inter players entered the quarantine. The two teams met last Sunday at the top of the Italian League, before A decision to postpone the league. According to "Sputnik Arabi", the club will activate the isolation measures established by law for the injured player and the rest of his teammates, and Cristiano Ronaldo has left Italy and went to Portugal after the decision to stop the Italian league, to stay with his sick mother, but he will have to enter a quarantine. Juventus announced yesterday, Wednesday, that its defender Daniele Rogani has been infected with the Corona virus.


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